Save LAC (formerly the Lee Arts Center)

5722 Langston Blvd. On the corner of Langston Blvd. and Lexington St.

A juried-member studio, providing artists a place to work without limitations.

All local artists are welcome and invited to apply for membership.

We need your help now, more than ever!

We are still trying to get information from the County regarding the future of LAC, its studios, and programs. The surrounding community overwhelmingly supports our presence in their neighborhood. They, along with other community groups and arts advocates, value LAC as a vital asset. Please help us to convince County decision-makers to support our goal of preserving the LAC program in its current location. There is no mention of LAC is Arlington's Cultural Affair's planning. You can help us change that by signing our petition and writing to the County Board, Manager, and other decision-makers.

Please note that money raised by's "chip in" goes entirely to None of the funds are distributed to LAC.

About LAC . . .

  • A 40-year history of community engagement.

  • All local artists are welcome and invited to apply for membership.

  • A place for recent graduates of university art programs to practice their skills, grow in their practice, and build their careers.

  • No other community studios in Arlington (or the metro area) offer the access and selection of ceramics and printmaking equipment found at LAC.
  • Conversations and collaborations between artists and everyone interested in learning.

  • Workshops led by well-known artists open to all.

  • An important stop of the career path of many local artists.

Assets include ceramics and printmaking studios with a darkroom, kilns, printing presses, and other equipment too expensive for most people to buy on their own.