Butterfly Garden and Mosaic Columns

Arlington needs more native plots. This garden to serves as a way-station for birds and butterflies as they move through the area.

The Bird, Bee, and Butterfly Garden is designed as a natural landscape with Virginia-native plants. it attracts an abundance of pollinators and birds and is a sanctuary for both human and animal visitors.

The mosaic-column project involved more than 100 children and adults.

The garden is designed as a food source and shelter for the complete life cycle of animals. It provides seeds, berries, and nesting sites for native birds; nectar for native bees; and both caterpillar food and butterfly food.

Many hummingbirds have made the garden their summer home. In a typical year, the garden supports four separate hummingbird families.

Other features of the 2.10-acre property include an historic red oak, mature trees, a baseball field, a basketball court, a children’s playground, and a parking lot.

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